0203922d2dda294c2574a18aa0d1-grandeWould you like to lose weight, but are having a problem finding the best solution? You’re not alone. Given the billions to be made, companies have put out a myriad of options for dropping those unwanted pounds and it can be overwhelming. As it turns out, though, one of your best options is also one of the easiest and most affordable. Just get up and go running. Here’s why.

The “Afterburn Effect”

People who are fond of tracking their calories often happily report how many they burned during a given workout. That’s all well and good, but what if you could lose weight long after the workout was done, as well?

With running, this is exactly what happens. As Runner’s World points out, the amount of energy your body needs stays elevated long after you’re done running. Therefore, you’ll continue losing weight even when you go back to sitting down.

Efficiency of Running

One of the top excuses for not working out is that people simply feel like they don’t have enough time. Whether or not this is always true, it doesn’t hold up when it comes to running. Unless you’re training for a marathon, running doesn’t need to take more than 30 minutes or an hour, if you’re ambitious. In that time, you can still do plenty of good for your body.

Treadmill-ReviewsBuying a treadmill can go a long way, too. At any time during the day, you can quickly hop on it and knock a run out, no matter what your schedule or the weather looks like. Best of all, Lifespan Treadmill and Sole Treadmill reviews are particularly promising. Though the machines won’t cost you a lot of money, depending on the model you choose such as the Sole F63 treadmill review. Many treadmills these days also provide you with things like:

  • Incline controls
  • Heart rate monitors
  • Programs (to keep it interesting)

Treadmill Convenience

Along the same lines, running is extremely convenient. All you need is a treadmill and some shoes. If you can’t afford a treadmill at the moment, shoes and reasonable weather will suffice. Forget about complicated machines, fancy gadgets and all the products you see on infomercials late at night. Tie your shoes, go for a run and lose weight.


It’s Enjoyable

No matter how effective a workout is, if you don’t enjoy it, you won’t do it. Many people learn this the hard way, long after they’ve already paid for that year-long gym membership, that huge workout machine or some overpriced boot camp.

Running, however, provides you with a natural high, often known as the “runner’s high.” While many runners have reported this for years, studies are actually proving it. Endocannabinoids, which are similar to morphine, combined with endorphins will actually make you a happier person after you start running.

So take some time today to read a few treadmill reviews or look up running shoes, if you’re in need. Instead of throwing more money at solutions that fall flat, try running for weight loss. For the reasons listed above, it’s the best possible way to drop those unwanted pounds

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