alimentacion-y-adolescenciaWhen it comes to losing weight, everyone seems to have a friend or coworker who seemingly did it overnight. While that is certainly commendable (so long as it wasn’t risky to their health), the truth is that such stories are rare for good reason. You’re better off trying to lose weight gradually and in a natural way. This will prevent any serious conditions or injures from arising. Here’s how you do it.

Start with Realistic Goals

Diabetes2Losing weight gradually doesn’t mean leaving it up to chance in any way. If you have a goal, you need to write down exactly what it is. This includes the date by which you intend to hit the goal. It even involves writing down why you want to hit this goal. When it comes to losing weight, common motivations are:

  • Preventing type two diabetes
  • Looking better
  • Feeling better
  • Improving confidence

Often times the “how” of getting in shape isn’t nearly as important as the “why.” Make sure you establish it early on.

Asses Your Diet

This step can be tough because no one wants to stare right at their own failures. Instead, most of us are just happy to dump the old mistakes we were making and move onto whatever is “right.”

However, assessing your diet will go a long way in helping you establish what you were doing wrong. Coming to terms with all the damage you’ve done through your diet can also go a long way toward providing motivation to do better.

Eat Smaller Portions

Did you know your stomach is only about the size of your fist? Consider that the next time you sit down to a large plate of food. Not only do you not need it, your body probably doesn’t even want it.

Try eating smaller portions. Ditch the three meals a day plan and try five or six instead. This way you’ll still be guaranteed the calories and nutrients your body needs without all the excess on top of it.

Eat More Fruit

Most people who need to lose weight don’t eat enough fruit. This is too bad because fruit tastes great and will help you lose weight over time. For one thing, fruit is packed full of different vitamins your body needs, as well as some very helpful antioxidants. The fiber in fruit will also help you feel full, while giving you plenty of energy ready to burn so you don’t crash or fall into bad habits due to fewer calories in your diet.

Drink More Water

Another really easy element you can add into your diet to immediately start losing weight is water. Your body needs as much of it as it can get and, if you’re like most people, you’re probably curing your thirst at the moment with soda and coffee.

Thirst is often mistaken by our brains for hunger. So if you continue drinking water over a prolonged period of time, your hunger will gradually dissipate.

Start Walking

One exercise you can always rely on is walking. It’s great for your cardio and will boost your metabolic rate. Plus, you can do it in any weather and right in front of the TV. Go online and do some research and you’ll find the best price for treadmills, meaning, over time, your purchase will cost less than a gym membership.

As Forbes points out, you need to set aggressive goals if you want to shed weight once and for all. However, that doesn’t mean doing it within the week. You can lose fat gradually and comfortably, simply by implementing the above tips.


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